Norfolk County Music Festival

I have been an official accompanist for the Norfolk county Music festival since 2001.
I am assigned the strings and singers although I am able to play for other classes too.

Each year I look forward festival time. Over the years I feel I have learned a great deal from the adjudicators about all sorts of performance related issues and my wish is to make your experience as rewarding as possible; to share some of what I myself have learned over the years. I prefer therefore, to rehearse in order to make the performance as good as possible rather than taking a ‘top and tail’ approach; and I generally do not sight read entrants’ music on the day.
Rehearsals will generally take place in The Music Room – How to find us.


The festival takes place just before Easter and you can enter it via their website

or by contacting the festival administrator.
Laura Middleton
C/O The Wharf Academy
St. Martin’s Hall
Oak St.
Norwich NR3 3AQ




  • Please have a look at the repertoire links under accompaniment/coaching to check whether I have the music already.
  • If not on the list you will need to provide copies or photo copies of the music.
  • If you are a singer I WILL need to know the key of your songs.
  • Please stick any photocopied music together with selotape on ONE SIDE of the page only. (If done both sides it will never open and will keep falling off the piano!)
  • Place them A4 to A4 and do not overlap the pages or turn it into a book.
  • Please write your name and class number on the music and the same on the envelope.


  • If you are sending music to my address please make sure you have paid the right postage.
    My address is 21 Riverside Close, Norwich NR6 5AU.
  • Bear in mind that more than one song in an A4 envelope will probably cost more than a 1st class stamp and if you are not sure, do take it to the post office and get them to weigh it.
  • If you need to bring the music to my house here are directions.


  • When I am busy; and this will certainly be around the festival time, I prefer direct phone contact to any other way of communication. If I have not called you back, please keep trying!
  • The number is 07970 279209 – click here for full contact information.


  • The festival pays for my time during the festival but entrants will need to pay for a rehearsal.
  • This will be charged at £38 per hour pro rata, with a minimum of 15 mins rehearsal.

Thank you for your cooperation and look forward to accompanying you,