Accompaniment & Coaching

As accompanist, including performing professionally in concerts, I have a wealth of experience helping  amateurs and especially young adults and children bring out the best in their performances.

I have large repertoire of accompaniments that I have performed, including most of the obvious teaching pieces.

Here are some of the areas I usually cover in my coaching:

  • How to form an individual interpretation.
  • Styles and ‘a suitable’ historically informed approach.
  • Choice of tempi suitable for age and stage.
  • Suggestions of how to practice difficult sections from a pianist’s point of view.
  • Working with the instrumental teacher in the general development of the student.
  • How to enjoy performing after all the hard work of preparation.
  • How to ‘hold it together’.
  • Concentration.
  • Dealing with nerves.
  • Adjusting dynamics and rubato for different situations- big hall, big piano, ‘wet’ acoustic etc.
  • How to bow and stage etiquette.
  • How to show a connection with the audience.
  • How to entertain an audience and take it with you.
  • Listening to the audience and its reaction.
  • Lastly, I am able to cover up any rhythmical glitches etc and support sound quality.



Jonathan and Edward (aged 10)
‘We feel very lucky to have been introduced to David as a regular accompanist for our son Edward for exams and music festivals. His great pianistic and musical abilities were clear from the outset. David is an extremely sensitive and musical accompanist, offering great support and encouragement. Edward has learned so very much from David and as well as holding him in high regard, thinks he’s great!’

Esther (aged 13)
‘David accompanied me for the Norfolk County Music Festival and my Grade 8 cello exam. In the rehearsals before these events I became better and more confident with my pieces because David could tell me how to improve my performance. David inspired me to challenge myself with the pieces and to push myself to achieve more. David inspired me to try playing different styles of music as he could play anything that was put in front of him. David is the best accompanist I have ever had, he helped me achieve distinction in my exam and I very much look forward to performing with him in the future.’



Providing a set prices for grades is difficult because there are many variables such as;
Are you used to playing with a pianist?
How well do you know you own part?
How well do you know the piano part?
Do you want just ‘a top and tail’ or do you want to go into more depth?
How far away is the exam centre?

I have found that most students, having done the first rehearsal, discover quite a lot more depth and possibilities to explore in their performances and often want to do much more than they originally thought.
Generally, as for teaching, I charge £38 an hour.

Here is a very rough guide-
Grade 1-2 x 20 min rehearsals plus exam £45
Grade 5- 2 x 30 min rehearsals plus exam £55
Grade 8- 2 x 60 min rehearsals plus exam £100